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FutureStory Consulting began its own story in 2015. Nick Banyard created the business based on his passion and 40 years of expertise in sales and leadership roles. His main objective: to help businesses and individuals improve their profitability.
He is also able to facilitate training affordably, providing training via the apprenticeship levy fund.

Nick is a fully-fledged sales practitioner and coach who uses a variety of methods including cognitive behaviour techniques to encourage sustained behaviour changes. FutureStory Consulting is different to other sales training programmes – the training will last much beyond the conference room.


We are experts in the field with 40+ years commercial experience in sales, leadership and management. We won’t just deliver the training manual – we speak and teach from experience using methods to change and sustain effective habits and behaviours.

Our specialist training areas:


effective sales processes

We will work with you to address your business needs in order to create a training solution to deliver maximum impact. Because of this our training programmes are completely bespoke to your business needs, yet all based on the key principles: 

specialist training


 sales consultant uksales consultant

FutureStory Consulting is proud to be a fellow of the Association of Professional Sales. Reflecting their principles of integrity, creditability and expertise in the sales world, this is the stamp of approval to be a recognised sales practitioner.

APS are the leading organisation on the government’s official register of assessors for Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeships and Level 6 B2B Sales Professional Degree Apprenticeship. 


For more information or to discuss your business needs please contact Nick Banyard.

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