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WE work with you from the inside out to understand the business and create a tailored programme to develop the necessary skills to help you succeed. We can select one or more of 4 Pillars of Success to meet your specific needs.

We believe an authentic 21st century leader should be able to gain the trust and respect of others through their own self-awareness and ability to promote the same leadership qualities in their people. Our approach is designed to help you achieve that objective in parallel with your business strategy.

Our Approach

Open, honest and collaborative

Confront the brutal facts, share and succeed together


We work with you to build a relationship that is agreeable, interesting and worthwhile


Challenge the status quo to stimulate participants to think ‘outside the box’ and instigate and develop new ideas

Action orientated

There is no point just talking about it… let’s do it!

Matched commitment

A two-way process working as partners to achieve your goals and objectives

Practical and realistic

Straightforward, achievable and sustainable recommendations and actions


People respond better if they enjoy the experience and our aim is always to involve participants through a mix of activities… it’s OK to have fun!

‘Nick’s knowledge and experience of the Irish market gives him a unique insight into local culture and character, essential for anyone wishing to develop a business dependent on the natural entrepreneurship and independent spirit that undoubtedly exists there.’

Roger Brown, Secretary General Direct Selling Association of Ireland 2004 – 2012